Complaint links for Forex and Binary Options Brokers

If you have issues with Forex or Binary Option Brokers, it is important that you file a Formal Complaint to the company.

Clients usually send emails or call their account managers: these steps are useless, emails are not answered, account managers are not your friends.

You have to file a complaint in a way that allows you to prove that you complained.

A good method is filing the complaint via fax or via certified mail to the post address of the broker.

Here you find a list with name, addresses of all Cypriot brokers. Here you find the names of their domains. The latter list is important, since the name of the website often differs from company name. You have to complain to the company.

Other good method is filing the complaint using the Complaint Form which is provided on the website of the broker. A complaint filed with the Complaint Form will not be ignored, since Cypriot brokers are obliged to report formal complaints to the CySEC (Cyprus regulatory body).

Unfortunately, the Complaint Form is usually hidden on the website of the broker, since broker will prevent you to complain, i.e. by suggesting that you should report to the „Support“ or to the Account Manager, who will throw your complaint into the trash basket.

You usually  find the Complaint Form under „Legal Documentation“ or „Complaint Handling“ or by searching for „How to Complain“.

Here the links for the Complaint Form of some brokers:

NameCountryComplaint Link
Naga MarketsCyprus