Cypriot Brokers: How to Complain (long)

If you have withdrawal issues or other problems with brokers regulated in Cyprus, you have to complain step by step

How to complain:

  • First of all, request the withdrawal of all funds and complain to the broker itself (Compliance department). Save a copy of the complaint. You must receive a confirmation with a reference number within 5 days. If not, please ask for confirmation and reference number again. (You can refer to the CySEC Circular 100 issued on December 7, 2015)
  • Then,  complain to the CySEC (online complaint). If the Online Complaint Form is disabled, complain via email to the Supervision department.
  • You can complain to the Forex Regulator of your country, pointing out that your complaint to the CySEC was not processed.
  •  If you already complained to the CySEC and got no reaction, you can complain to the ESMA against the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Here you can find the ESMA instructions for complaining and a form for complaint against the CySEC.

How to bring the case to court:

  • If you are not based in the EU, you have to file a lawsuit in Cyprus. The procedure time can take up to 5 years.  But a Commercial Court will be extablished in Cyprus from 2018.  Please keep in mind that only a Cypriot lawyer can represent you before a Cypriot court (contact me for addresses). For this reason it is not recommended hiring a lawyer based in the UK, if you are not UK resident.

How to file criminal charge:

  • If you have fallen victim to fraud, you should file criminal charge to your local Prosecutor.  Here some instructions by Europol. You  can also consider filing a complaint to the UK Police.



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